Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Take Two Aspirin And Call Me In The Morning

Put another tally mark up for indoor recess.  It's day number two.  The mornings aren't the tough part, it's the afternoons, when we are into the fourth or fifth hour of the day.  Mid-afternoon I could feel a headache coming on. Probably a result of being awake since 3 a.m. this morning, wolfing down some questionably dated yogurt for lunch while I checked homework, and being surrounded by little kids with not-so-little voices.  

So in an effort to try and keep a positive outlook, I made a list of all the positives around me every day.

1.  I have a fifteen minute drive to work each day.  A peaceful, beautiful route that readies me for the day ahead.

2.  I have a wonderful group of teacher friends in my hallway.  Always available to talk, help, share, and keep me smiling.

3.  I have a wonderful group of teacher and non-teacher friends in my school.  

4.  I regularly receive notes and pictures from students proclaiming my brilliance and "niceness".  It's like my own little fan club.

5.  My electric pencil sharpener still works after almost a year -- a new record!

6.  Students from last year still stop by and say "hi" when they pass my classroom every morning.

7.  I get to celebrate holidays like Valentine's Day and make paper heart envelopes and exchange valentines and eat sugary cupcakes.

8.  I always have students who will help me clean up book shelves, organize papers, and assist with any "teacher helper" task.  All I have to do is start to say, "Who wants to volunteer to help me....?"  and fifteen hands shoot up in the air.

9.  I get to hear funny kid conversations every day.  Priceless.

10.  I have technology at my fingertips and help with said technology.

11.  I have a job that is constantly changing, challenging, and rewarding.  Virtually every minute of every day.

So even though I came home tonight with a splitting headache, I wouldn't change a thing about my day.  

Now I'm going to sit back and enjoy a nice, relaxing dinner.

Right after I take a couple of aspirin.

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  1. Had to take an Advil break after that so called "assembly" today! M.