Friday, January 25, 2013

Reason #73

If I had to make a list, I'd bet there are at least one hundred reasons why I love being a teacher. I love my classroom, room 24.  I love that I still get to color.  I love paper and office supplies and staplers and magnetic boards. I love the sound of the bell ringing and children laughing.  I love the library and my mailbox in the office.  I love hearing singing when I walk by the music room.  I love freshly polished hallways and student work on display on the walls. I love sticky notes in bright colors.   I love the people I work with and the good friends I've made throughout the years.  I love that every day is different and every year brings new experiences.  But mostly, I love the personal little gifts I get from students throughout the year and the wonderful things they say.

This is what I found on my desk this morning:

Three things struck me when I saw it.

1.  How sweet of them to declare me "the best!"
2.  They used the correct spelling of "you're".  
3.  They were including support for their claim -  Why I am the best.   (see card above)

I dropped my school bag on the floor and quickly opened the paper card to see the messages.  Many had simply signed their name, so they obviously weren't aware that the front of the card stated "Why You're the best", promising me the reasons inside.  Several simply thanked me for teaching them.  They thanked me for being funny and kind.  They said I was nice. One little girl signed her name inside a heart that simply said "I love you".   

By the time the bell rang this morning and the students arrived I had prominently displayed the beautiful card on my desk for all to see. I thanked them all for the wonderful surprise card and all their nice words.  I told them it had made my day brighter just to see the special card.  They asked me if I had looked on the back of the card. I hadn't.  One little girl skipped over to my desk, picked up the card, and pointed to the back as she showed it to me, beaming ear to ear.   

Awwwwwwwwww.  They [heart] me.  Even after three days of indoor recess with a teacher who has been losing her patience with them and more than a tad bit crabby.

Chalk that up to one more reason I love my job --  I [heart] all of them too!     Happy weekend!

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