Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

This post marks my eightieth blog!  Never in a million years would I have thought six months ago that I would be a regular blogger, with an actual following.  I've come a long way (as evidenced by my earlier September blogs).

So, pardon me while I brag a bit about some numbers.  There have been over 6,500 visitors to my blog.  Some are repeat visitors, but I will boast about it just the same. 

There are readers from 25 states in the United States.  In addition, there are visitors from fifteen other countries!  Russia and Germany are my biggest audience; as I've said before, I'd love to hear from some of you!

"Wear The Pink Dress" [Read Post] is the most popular blog with 365 hits.  Least favorite/amount of reads is "The Best Things In Life Are Free" [Read Post]  with only 6 hits. An epic fail. 

I have received 202 comments and all of them have been positive.

In just one day I received 278 hits!

I've changed/updated the blog page design twelve times and have learned to insert HTML code as well as "blogamations" (animated blog designs).

I've logged countless hours writing.  If you asked me to estimate the number of hours, I would have to say at least 100 hundred by the time I write, edit, and design blog posts.

By far, the most important and amazing number, is the number of days I've remained positive so far this school year.  (Drum roll please....)

For 182 days, I have tried to remain optimistic, friendly, happy, and positive. 
For 182 days, I've tried to help others when they are not feeling "it".
For 182 days, I have tried to look on the bright side and not let things get me down.

I'll have to say, the glass is definitely now half full.

    Thank you to all of you who read, follow, and promote my blog!

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  1. Pretty positive I must say...always your blog is a pleasure to read! Unbelievable stats on number of hits, number of countries, number of positive responses (not just responses online!)Hope you will continue this next year! :)