Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I've been thinking of all the wonderful things around me every day that are free.   For example, I got to enjoy the 3rd grade musical, The Cuckoo, without it costing me a penny.  I had front row seats.  In fact, I saw the evening performance last Wednesday, and the matinee on Thursday morning.  Both free.   It was a well choreographed show with eighty-four little children singing, dancing, speaking, and playing glockenspiels.  Although it wasn't quite Broadway ready, it was entertaining and certainly worth the price. I give it two thumbs up.

On Friday,I went into the teacher's lounge to refill my coffee (not free - we contribute to a coffee fund) and enjoyed two home baked, delicious, chocolate chip cookies for free.   

Our school book fair was last week and I received eight books, donated by parents, for my classroom library.  

Every day I receive help, advice, suggestions and encouragement from teacher friends and staff, and it's all without cost.  Almost every week, since I started the blog, I find a small gift or a note on my desk. 

The kids in my classroom give me wonderful free things all the time.  I get lots of beautifully colored pictures, notes, and small gifts they make.  

By far, the best free things are the smiles and the hugs I get from the kids every day.  Many times throughout the day, a student will come up and hug me, or pull my hand into theirs. They look up and smile brightly as I help them or ask them questions, or just talk about their day.

Now, we all know that time and hugs and smiles don't cost a penny.  But, even if they were for sale, you couldn't put a price on them.

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