Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Oh, snow day!  How I love you! You are unexpected and wonderful in every way.  You remind me of being a kid again by giving me a glorious, unplanned day ahead of me with no expectations or requirements. I can do whatever I want, eat whatever I want, and don't have to be anywhere (unless I want).

Oh, snow day!  Your timing was perfect last night.  As I monitored the Doppler radar and hour-by-hour weather maps, like a trained meteorologist, you didn't let me down.  You dumped five-six inches of heavy, wet, icy, snow mix onto the roads and made them too slippery and dangerous for our little ones to get to school safely.

Oh, snow day!  You are beautiful and bright, burying my yard with snow and brushing the trees with an icy white blanket.   I feel peaceful when I look at your snow covered landscape and the beauty of nature.

Oh, snow day! You reenergize me and help me stay positive.  Please feel free to come a few more times this season. 

Snow Covered Backyard

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