Thursday, February 28, 2013

Job Perk

I was sitting at my desk sorting through mounds of paperwork and organizing today at recess when I heard a tapping on my window.  I turned to look out and here is what I saw:

Right outside my window

Within seconds, several little giggling girls smashed their faces on the window and waved!   We gestured back and forth through the window for a moment, me smiling and giving them a thumbs up on their snow handiwork.  

I opened the window to compliment them as they patted more snow onto their snowman.  

Dog face?
"We built this here so you can see it out your window," two of them screamed.  And it truly was, right outside my window.

"It's terrific!" I confirmed.  "I love it!"

"Does its face look scary?" one snow builder asked as she dug out the eye spot.   "Does it look like a dog?"

"I think it's the best snowman I've ever seen!" I declared.  "If there was a best snowman outside a window contest -- you would win!"

They squealed and laughed and admired their work as I closed the window and returned to my work.   When they came in from recess they were very worried the fourth graders would destroy it when they went outside for recess.   So I hung a note in the window that read:  Please leave this snowman alone.    And I added a smiley face.    I watched as some of the fourth graders circled around the snowman and read the note and touched it, but didn't break it or ruin it.   Then they ran off to make their own snowman. 

Now, I can assure you, teachers don't get a lot of job perks.  But we get some things that no other job in the world offers.  

Like snowdogs men right outside our window.


  1. Your response made their day Dianne. Such positivity!

  2. That is so endearing of them to do that for your viewing pleasure and you had the perfect reaction. Madeline