Monday, May 6, 2013

You Know You're A Teacher If...

Your idea of shopping is going to Staples or Office Max and looking at office supplies

You see a crowd of little kids, but you don't run in fear, you jump in and start organizing them, directing them, and if needed, disciplining them

You can stand on your feet seven hours a day and even wear heels

You can figure out how to share one large birthday cookie with 23 students and no knife, plates, or napkins

You've learned to hold your bladder for long periods of time

You get excited when the "Back To School" flyers arrive and actually participate in back to school shopping for yourself

You know all the settings on the copier and can fix most paper jams

A day with 60+ temperatures means extra recess

Your job includes "Picture Day" and "Snack Time"

You pour over Scholastic book orders and teacher catalogs

You have twenty-five "kids" you talk about all the time to your family and friends

You watch the weather forecast in the winter and scream like a little kid when you have a snow day

You can quiet a student from one hundred feet across a gym during an assembly by just looking at him/her

You can hear the same question forty-five times and still answer it without losing your patience

You often forget to eat lunch, or you think three pieces of candy and a bag of carrots from the lunch line is good enough

You don't need to consult a calendar to know it's a full moon

You get joy from using a freshly sharpened pencil

You can tell who is talking in line without even turning around to look

You can fix boo-boos, calm nerves, build confidence, correct errors, inspire ideas, and motivate, all at the same time

You can accomplish more in twenty-five minutes than most people can in four hours

You wouldn't do anything else but what you do. 


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