Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Free Ice Cream

Today was a banner day in my school if you are a little kid.  

1.  Every kid got a free ice cream at lunch.  Yes, I said every kid.  Not just the buyers.

2.  There was an "all school" extra recess. Grades K-4 outside all at one time.  Fun!

3.  It was declared a "No Homework" night for all.  I think the parents liked this one more than the students.

As one student exclaimed after the extra recess, "This is the best day ever!  Good things just keep happening.  I wonder what else good is going to come today?"  

Well....  I don't know.  Free ice cream, extra recess, and no homework.  

You can't really top that. 


  1. What did they do to earn that?? I can only imagine how excited James would be!

  2. It was "Principal of the Day" where a student is acting as principal for the day. It's an auction item that parents bid on in our annual auction/fundraiser.

    p.s. the teachers received ice cream also!