Monday, April 29, 2013


Here's what I do when it's been a hectic day at school and my positivity is waning:

I ride my bike twelve miles on a trail through woods.

I stop and look at the Clinton River where it winds through the trees.

I ride as fast as I can for short bursts then recover.

I stop at the mid-way point to drink water and check my time.

I clear my mind and feel calm.

Most parts of the trail are compact gravel, with a few spots of pavement where I can increase my speed for a bit and not have to pedal so hard.  

It's peaceful.  It's calming.  It tires me while at the same time energizes me.  

There are ponds, animals, and all kinds of habitats along the way to look at.  People you pass along the way always smile and say hi.

Some days, like today, I stop to look at a site along the trail where they found a mastodon bone in July 2006.  They dated it to over 10,000 years ago. 

Kind of cool to be riding where mastodons roamed long ago!

Everybody needs to find ways to take the stress away some days.  I'm glad the warmer weather is back so I can ride outside, rather than inside at the gym. 

Now, I'm ready for tomorrow.  Bring it on.  

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  1. Okay, this is totally unrelated to your topic, but did you notice the visitors from Bangalore, Karnataka; Moscow; and Belmont, Victoria?
    That's so cool how you are spreading the smiles far and wide!


    PS. Now I'm going to google Karnataka and find out where it is!