Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How To Keep A 3rd Grader Happy

It's easy. 

Talk to them, 
laugh with them,
hug them,
ask them what they think,
help them,
compliment them,
offer advice to them, 
make silly faces with them, 
praise them,
eat lunch with them,
sit next to them on the floor,
expect the best from them,
be fair,
love what you do because they can tell,
give them a present for their birthday,
have and show patience,
reward them randomly,
make them work hard,
read to them,
listen to them read,
never give up,
appreciate their uniqueness,
make mistakes,
don't let them take the easy way,
teach them,
take them out for extra recess,
let them fail sometimes,
be honest,
don't just tell them; show them,
let them solve some of their own problems,
encourage questions, even ones you can't answer,
be spontaneous sometimes,
model respect,
laugh at yourself,
tell them how important they are,
have fun with them,
be proud of them,
and above all,
spend time with them.

Isn't it great that something so easy to do can have such an extraordinary outcome?

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