Friday, April 12, 2013

April Showers Bring....

If April showers do, in fact, really bring May flowers, then we are going to be blooming all over the place come May.  It has been raining a solid five days in a row.  Seriously.   Luckily for us, today the skies cleared briefly, and the rain held off to allow for an entire twenty-five minutes of "blacktop only" outdoor recess.  Yay! 

I watched outside the window as the students jumped and played and thoroughly enjoyed being outside of the classroom.  It's hard being cooped up in a classroom for seven hours every day.  As I looked out the window, I debated whether to head outside and enjoy recess with the kids, but after being out the last two days, the mounds on my desk said otherwise.

The kids were excited and happy to see me today and the feeling was mutual.   I missed being in the classroom with them.  Bonus -- both subs left nice notes about the students and the room was very clean when I returned this morning.  What a terrific class!  I made sure and told them how proud I was of them and how great they did while I was gone.  

I just checked the long range forecast and it looks like the April showers are going to continue next week, with a 50% chance of rain most days.  

Guess it will make stopping and smelling the roses even sweeter when that day finally arrives.  Hang in there teacher friends.  Only forty-four more days.  

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