Friday, January 4, 2013

Walk It Forward

Sometimes in life, and especially in the life of a teacher, it truly is the little things that make our day and keep things more positive.   Things like your teacher friends letting you go to the front of the copier line because you forgot to make the copies the day before and you need them right now.  Or a para watching your kids for a few extra minutes at IDR so you can use the bathroom because you don't have another break all afternoon.   Knowing there is always chocolate you can help yourself to, stashed in a teacher friend's cabinet.  Asking for help or advice from a teacher friend, secretary, or anybody at school and knowing you can get it, any time, no matter how busy they are.

This morning, I arrived to drop my little darlings off at music and the departing class was lined up waiting for their teacher.  So, I did what we all do, I walked them back to their class.  Their teacher had been sidelined a few extra minutes and was running a little late.  No big deal.  Happens every day to most of us.   She thanked me, appreciative and grateful to know that we all take care of one another.   

Later that same afternoon, I had my students lined up for art in the doorway and was waiting for all the commotion to die down so we could head out in public.  A teacher friend was walking by my classroom and stopped to say hi.  She offered to walk my kids since she was headed there to pick up her own students.   A little thing, but so appreciated.  Those are five precious minutes that I can use to check work, organize for the next day, check my email, chat with a fellow teacher about curriculum, check my mail in the office, or any number of things.   Teachers have a way of taking advantage of every single minute in every day.   If you don't believe me see my post from months ago on multitasking.  Multitasker Extraordinaire

This blog is my way of trying to keep in a positive frame of mind but I couldn't do it without all the little things that happen in my school every day. 

I walked a class and in turn a teacher walked my class.  Small thing, but big in so many ways.   Walking it forward.   I think we might be on to something...


  1. What always amazes me is that the smallest of gestures contributes exponentially to the good of the whole. "one for all and all for one". So happy to not only witness this comeraderie in our school, but to be one of the happy recipients! Life is so much better when we work together! :)

  2. "Walk it forward"... perfect! I will try to do that this week! (even though I'm usually late!)