Sunday, January 27, 2013

50-50 Chance

My students and I talk about weather frequently.  We casually talk about nice weather days (when we get them!) and what we did outside to enjoy them.  We talk about the different seasons and our favorite part of each one. We excitedly talk about bad weather days and what problems they might cause.  We share stories throughout the year of losing power, waking up to loud storms of crackling lightning and booming thunder.  We talk about tornado season and practice drills during the spring.  

We talk about how meteorologists are wrong many times in their weather predictions.  I tell my students that if you worked in most other professions and were "wrong" that often, you wouldn't have a job for long.   We talk about all the fancy, smancy weather tools and Doppler radar that the weather people use to predict weather.  We talk about how even with all that  expensive equipment and satellites circling above earth taking pictures, weather can still do unpredictable things.  

So, today, in between doing some work at home I happened to catch the weather report online.  I had no idea that they are now naming any little storm that crops up in the west and travels east.  Apparently, storm "Luna" is headed for Michigan tonight and tomorrow morning.   I use the word storm loosely, as it just looks like a little snow and the possibility of some freezing rain. 

As teachers, weather can make for a very positive day in our school life.  Of course, I'm talking about snow days or any other "free" day we get unexpectedly off from school, like a power outage or other circumstance.  Now it's not that I don't want to go into school.  I love my job.  But trust me, teachers get just as excited about a snow day as the kids.  

I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow Luna will create just enough ice and snow-mix, at just the precise time for us to have a snow day.  It's all in the timing. The beauty of it would be it is also a Monday.  A lovely, three day weekend.   

I think I'll do what the kids do when they want a snow day.   Tonight I'll wear my pajamas inside out and flush an ice cube down the toilet.  I'll make sure my phone is close and the fan out list is nearby.   No doubt I'll be awake before my alarm, in anticipation of "the call".  

Based on the weather predictions and reports, I'd say we have a 50/50 chance.   
And that's enough for me.

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