Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Day

Positive... Positive... Positive......

How can I arrive at school 1 1/2 hours early and still be startled when the bell rings? I couldn't be more prepared, more organized, more "ready" and then...    RINGGGG....   So much to do... so little time.

I have special stacks on my desk for things to take home, things to ignore, things to file, and "things".  Today as I cleared my desk off, I noticed that the "things" pile was over 5" high.   Not so good.  Especially on day two.  I remembered my mentor teacher from years ago telling me that when the stacks became too high, or were becoming too stressful, to slowly move them over near the garbage can and *whoops* (in they went).   "You won't miss them," she assured me.   She even demonstrated with a few piles on her desk.
You know what?  That was some of the most valuable advice I ever received.  

Today I was reminded of why teaching is both mentally and physically exhausting.  My feet hurt, my voice was feeling strained, and I felt like I had just completed a two hour class at Lifetime focusing on squats.  [picture squatting down by 22 desks to talk to kids all day]. Although I truly appreciate the leg work-out, it's all I can do to make it through the day.  And mentally, let's face it, there's just too much to go into.

Alright.. I know what you're thinking.  This blog is supposed to be about POSITIVITY.  Quit whining because you wore the wrong shoes (for the 2nd day in a row) or your job requires you to continuously  interact with shorter people than you.  On to the positive parts of today.

Hmmmmm.... ok.. you're gonna have to give me a minute.

Thank you to the teacher in my hallway who "talked me down" from my negative thoughts today.   I actively sought out her help and it was very effective.  I know we can all help each other and instead of moping about in my room and perseverating on things, this year I will go find someone who can help.  She helped me -- it worked!  Thank you!  You made me see and feel more positive.

Thank you to the AMPS teacher who was smiling so brightly I could see her all the way down the hallway as I paraded my little ducklings in a row.  It helps me feel happy and positive to know you are reading, and even enjoying my daily blogs.   I must admit, it adds a little pressure to my day, but I am ready for the challenge.  If you are reading it -- I will write it!

Thank you to my principal who asked me to show him how to make comments on my blog.  Any time your principal asks you to show him something is positive in my book.

And finally, when the end of the day rolled around, and the kids were as anxious to get home as I was, and one jumped off his chair (really??), and one spun around in circles until he fell on the floor, and one asked me for the forty-sixth time if she could "GO NOW", I dug deep inside.  I told myself it was all good.  I pulled every aching positive muscle in my body and I looked at these twenty-two little, sweet, innocent, positive, fun-loving students.
And then, thank God, the bell rang.

Tomorrow is another day.  Another day to be positive.  To be caring. To be a leader.  To be a friend.  To be a helper.  To be happy.   To collaborate.  To help.  To share.  To learn.  After all, what's the alternative?  And besides, it is, after all, Friday.


  1. We're almost more day! Plus, if it makes you feel any better, I have checked but not recorded ANY of the spelling or math yet. I barely just walked in the door from buying: gym shoes, soccer uniform, haircut, and piano lesson (and wine)... to see piles of laundry so my kids won't show up in dirty camp clothes tomorrow. :)

  2. Thank you Dianne. You made me chuckle again. Let's get you a book deal! You could turn this blog into a book. Another positive about this week is I already feel like my class is my new family. It doesn't take long. And you know how it is with family, you take the good with the bad and you make the best of it. Another positive thought, it isn't curriculum night or conference week. I advise you to start thinking about your positive spin for the upcoming two weeks now:)

  3. I don't remember a more positive start to a school year. Despite our numbers, there's a vibe in the building that says, "Bring it, I can handle anything that comes my way." I see a staff looking out and caring for one another. It's energizing and makes me realize that when you're positive, there's an abundance mentality at work. Everyone can play.
    One of the benefits to the positive buzz at school is that it actually makes me feel more confident and hopeful about the imminent future. When I get home from work, I like to take a long walk and this week I've noticed that my thinking on the walks isn't as anxiety ridden and edgy. I've become conditioned to getting home, checking my email with dread to see what bad news awaits from parents. That's not been the case this year. I just come home, immediately fall asleep, wake up to iron my clothes and get ready to do it all again tomorrow. LOL!
    Thanks for the blog, Dianne. I love your thinking and initiative. Can't wait to hug you in the morning.