Friday, September 21, 2012


So, I've made it through three Fridays and I'm still feeling positive about the year ahead and my class.  Today, I was watching my twenty-two little 3rd graders playing chess  at the end of the day, with classical music playing from Pandora and I realized there is no other place I would like to be.  What a fantastic job I have!   In the course of seven hours  today, I got to go out to recess and be pushed on a swing (a beautiful fall day), help a student color in one of the Great Lakes (as he told me about fishing on Lake Michigan), listen to several students tell me about their weekend plans (soccer, football), question a student on just why yellow is a happy color, help three students tell time, guide students through an interactive Scholastic News magazine (where current events come alive), conference with several students about their writing, hear five students read to me, watch other students jump in to help a student, and get a hug from a shy student as she left for the weekend. I've been in the business world and worked with adults.  I think kids are way more fun. I left today knowing that the year ahead would be a good one.

Now, back to the focus of my blog -  positivity.  How am I managing to stay positive every day?   Of course, it goes without saying that staying 100% positive all day every day is not possible.  Just ask the teachers in my hallway. I still grumble on occasion.  I still get tired sometimes of the paperwork and the little details.  I still roll my eyes and shake my head at things. I still enjoy gossip.  But I am learning to stop myself and conjure up a positive thought when feeling negative.  I am trying to appreciate everything, no matter how small.  

Today, for example, I saw a teacher in the hallway and she said just seeing me reminds her to be more positive.   Teachers that read my blog are associating me with being positive and if that helps them even for a few minutes, I'll take it.  I'd much rather others see me as a positive influence than the alternative.  

I'm also excited that when I checked my blog stats (yep, I can see how many people are actually reading the blog, what time, and what day) I noticed that there have been over 1,000 views!   Wow!  Talk about feeling positive!   I started the blog for my own personal reasons, but it's very energizing to know that other people are reading the blog and enjoying it also!  There is even someone from Alaska reading!  (Yes, it tracks where people are reading from also!)     Thanks to all of you who continue to promote the blog to your friends and family. 

So, the challenge continues for all of us to stay positive.  I don't know about you, but I'm already having a great year.  And as long as you are reading, I'll be writing.   

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