Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Unexpected Gift

These first weeks of school are a whirlwind of activities.  Ice Cream Social, Curriculum Night, conferences.  All in addition to getting to know the students and establishing clear routines in the classroom.  Getting up early.  Standing on high heels all day.  Hearing your name on repeat 1,000 times a day.  But it's all good.  

Thursday, after a particularly exhausting day in the classroom (and quite honestly, not feeling very positive), I came home, and went to the mailbox as I walked the dog --  my daily routine.  The dog is so excited to see me when I get home and all I want to do is get home, change into my sweat pants and park myself on the couch.  But, the dog awaits.  She's been home for nine hours and deserves a walk outside and some petting.  Duty calls!  Out to the mailbox to retrieve the usual bills, flyers, and junk mail.   

Imagine my surprise when inside the mailbox is an 8 X 10 package addressed to me!  I didn't order anything from Amazon lately.  Or Really Good Stuff.  Or anywhere, for that matter.   As the dog tugs on the leash, I rip into the package excited and curious.   How wonderful to receive an unexpected gift.  

And here's what I discover when I open the package:

 No note.  No return address.  A plain unmarked manila envelope.  This makes my day!   Where I had been feeling a bit negative and down -- simply opening this package has me doubled over with laughter and delight!  The real meaning of LOL is suddenly clear as I laugh my way down the driveway and back to my house.  
Who sent this?  What an extraordinary gift!  Did they know I would get this on a day when I needed it most??   Did they know just by opening this package, I would instantaneously become happier and more positive?? To make the gift even more special is the fact that it is a hard to find book on Amazon.  This gift took some effort and time to send.  How fabulous!  

Seeing this gift and knowing that somebody spent time and money to send it to me has me reinvigorated and inspired!  I must continue my quest to be positive and help others stay positive!  Suddenly, I now feel that this whole positivity thing is bigger than me.  There are other people who want to stay positive and be a part of this.

So, as the busy days continue in the week ahead, I will remember this unexpected gift.  

I look forward to reading the book when the whirlwind subsides.   Sometime in October.  

And to the person who sent the book:  Thank you


  1. How great for you!!!! I too think this positivity thing IS huge! Thanks for continuing the blog - it is salve for all wounds!

  2. I too wonder who sent it? What a great idea!

  3. Can I read it after you... Maybe November? :). Kristin