Tuesday, August 28, 2012


  Welcome, teacher friends, to a new school year!

My goal this year is to keep a positive attitude, even during the roughest days.  How, you ask, can I do that?  I'm going to try and put a positive spin on any situation...  look at the glass 1/2 full and all that mumbo-jumbo.    

So.. let's get started....

Situation:        Spending the last days of summer vacation in 3 days of PD

Positive Spin:  Boring, beneficial professional development that will help me become a
                      better teacher.
                      I get to hang out with teacher friends and eat lunch in a restaurant, instead
                      of watching 8 year olds twist a fruit roll-up around their wrist.
                      I can use the bathroom as many times as I want during the day AND at any
                      time I want.
                      I can text my friends and family.
                      We get candy and cookies.

All in all, it's been a very positive day!!


  1. Kudos for getting the blog up and running. You've already helped me with a technology goal: networking and exploring blogs. You are being a risk-taker by sharing your thoughts (with a much-appreciatd hint of humor.) PD may not always be exciting, life-altering, or feel productive during the time, but it gets me back in the groove. It resets my internal clock to get me on a regular schedule. It helps me reflect on my craft, and it helps me appreciate that my career was the right choice for me: I highly prefer the high-energy life with 10 year olds than day after work-filled day of meetings with adults.

    1. Now that's a POSITIVE attitude! I like this blog so much I'm putting it as a favorite on my toolbar. Can't wait to follow Diane's funny personality. :)

  2. Hahahahhahaha... As I was reading this I thought, "how'd she find a blog that fits so perfectly?". I didn't realize you wrote it at first!

    You did help me focus on the positives from today, and it really does help realIgn my brain to hash things out wih you guys before having kids next week.

    Plus, I laughed a lot and was reminded that our job is energetic and ever changing...

  3. On my way home this afternoon, I was thinking about how bittersweet the end of summer is, then I remembered all the positive things I love about the beginning of the school year. I love coming back to school and spending my time with the most amazing, passionate and supportive group of people I know. If I have to get up to an alarm clock, I am glad it is for something I truly love to do in a place I truly love to be with people I admire.

    P.S. Love, Love, Love this! Thanks for creating it!

    1. Sooo excited for tomorrow to come! A new year; new students; new grade; new experiences!!!! Here's to a terrific beginning of a heck of a wonderful year! Cheers to my colleagues and best of luck and good times to all students!