Thursday, January 2, 2014

10 Things I've Learned (to accept) This Year

Happy 2014!   Where does the time go?  I've learned a lot this past year and I've reached the point where I accept some things I just can't change.  So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are ten things that I've learned to accept.

 1.  I can actually run on the treadmill (which I assume will transfer to outside when the weather breaks).  After decades of attempting to run more than .25 miles and failing, I've finally worked myself up to being able to successfully run 5K.  And by that I mean 3.1 miles.  It just sounds better when you say 5K.   Yay me! 

2.  I find folding fitted sheets exasperating.    I even tried watching a YouTube video over the summer and still can't get it.  So, I'm giving up.

3.  If I think of myself as a year older than I really am during the year, getting older doesn't bother me.  In fact, when my birthday arrives, I'm excited that I actually am not as old as I think I am.   You're welcome.

4.  Dry erase kidney tables are the bomb.   My students would whole-heartedly agree. 

5.  Hugging is overrated.  There.  I've said it. 

6.  There's an app for that.  And by that I mean everything.

7.  I am a morning person. With or without coffee.  I have high energy in the morning and start to fade by 3 pm.   No matter how late I stay up, I am still ready to go early the next day. 

8.  I can't sing and I can't dance.  But that doesn't stop me from joining in when we celebrate birthdays in my classroom.  That's because kids don't care.  They like me anyway.

9.  If you were to lock me in a room with a box of parts and directions to build an item (for example, from IKEA), I would not be able to do it.   This also applies to any sewing, DIY projects, drawing, or anything found on Pinterest.   

10.  Honesty is always the best policy.   

As the new year begins, may you be happy and healthy and ready for the new things coming your way.   

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