Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One For The Books

Last night the temperature here fell to -10, a new record.  Tack on the winds and most areas experienced temperatures plummeting to -20 to -30.  In addition, we broke the record for the most snowfall in January with 34.6 inches.   And the month isn't even over yet.  Brrrrrrrr doesn't even begin to cover it.  Makes me glad that while I was doing my online Christmas shopping this year, I managed to find time to purchase a heavy-duty winter coat for myself.  

So, to all of you that read this blog and haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this phenomenon known as the "Polar Vortex 2014", let me try to explain what life is like lately.   And for all of you that read this blog from a warmer, more tropical spot, shut up.

First of all, do not, and I mean do NOT go outside unless you absolutely have to in this kind of weather.  We Michiganders are tough, but this is even too cold for our blood.  If you do choose to go outside, pile on the layers until you are at least five times your normal size. Boots and gloves are a must and I don't mean the fashionable ones.  You need the ugly, warm ones if you don't want to get frostbite on your toes and fingers.  Trust me, you won't care what you look like and no one can recognize you anyway with all that snow stuff on.

When you open the door you are hit with a frigid blast of air that, literally, takes your breath away.  Any exposed skin tingles immediately and the only thing on your mind is to get back inside quickly before you  No joke. Making it to your car is somewhat of a relief, even if the temperature inside your vehicle is -3 and it will take your car twenty minutes to warm up.  At least you are out of the wind.  Your best bet is to just stay inside your house and postpone doing anything that would require you leaving.

Today was another snow day for my school, which really should be called a "cold day".  In these temperatures it's even too cold for the snow to fall. Which is a good thing, since we have over two feet of snow already on the ground. We don't really need anymore, thanks anyway.  This marks our fifth day in January that we have been out of school - something that has never happened before. In all honestly, I kind of miss school.  Now don't get me wrong.  Snow days are like a wonderful surprise gift and I enjoy them as much as the next teacher.  But there is so much to do and I admit, I miss the kids.  

Just about every school district was closed today due to weather.  When watching the weather channel, I saw that even the southern states are getting hit with some colder air.  It must be awful to have your temperatures fall into the 30's!   Someone I know in Louisiana even posted pictures of *gasp* snow on the ground.  Although, technically, it looked like no more than an inch which certainly wouldn't even qualify for snow here in the mitten state.  I imagine the southerners are amused and tickled by this freakish snow  and chilly weather.

We Michiganders, however, are no longer amused.  Enough already. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we do not feel the need to break any more cold records, or snowfall records, or windchill records, or snow day records.  And for all my friends and family in the south, since we sent you some snow, how about reciprocating and sending us some warmer temperatures and sun?

Wah.  How long until spring?


  1. Hey, spent my day off watching my kids throw boiling water out the front door to watch it turn to... you guessed it, MORE SNOW. Now I KNOW their bored....