Friday, September 20, 2013

Uber Germs

I've escaped the beginning of school sickness, a very common ailment, for almost five years, but apparently this year the strand of germs in my classroom is new. And strong.  I managed to stay healthy for the first week and even into the second one, before my throat started feeling raw and sore.  My voice became scratchy. 

"Why are you talking so funny?" asked one little cutie when I hoarsely barked a 'Good Morning' to him.  

"It's not me," I explained to him.  "It's my new back-to-school cold!"    He edged away from me and into the classroom as I coughed for added effect.

I hoped that it would just go away.  That maybe I had just been talking so much I had made my throat sore.   But, naturally as the long week of conferences began (late nights and early mornings), it hit full strength.  Stuffy head.  Raging headache.  Queasy stomach.  Sneezing & coughing.  Sniffles.  Ugh.

Every other teacher I passed in the hallway was clutching crumpled up Kleenex as they herded their kiddies off towards music or gym.  Many were sneezing and sniffling and we sympathetically nodded and greeted one another, making sure to comment on the fact that at least it was finally Friday.  I'm convinced the expression, "Thank God it's Friday" was originated by a sick teacher trying to talk herself into getting through the end of the day. 

So today, as I carried around a box of Kleenex and repeatedly sneezed (to a rousing chorus of "bless you!") I tried my best to stay positive.  All I wanted to do was sit at my desk and put my head down.  I visualized myself after school, changed into my comfy sweat pants and curled up on the couch with a blanket and some soup.  I looked forward to the luxury of sleeping in on Saturday morning. 

I was especially thankful today for my microphone and sound system in my room.  It allows students to hear me all around the room and I just speak in a normal voice.  Although I did learn today that I should turn the mic off before I begin one of my sneezing fits! Yikes!

My class has already started to become very comfortable in our classroom and with me.  They were concerned that I wasn't feeling well and I had students asking me all day if I was o.k.   Other teachers, some who were also sick, stopped by to check in and tell me they hoped I would feel better.  

So, as I sit here curled up on the couch, enveloped in a blanket, I'm so glad it's Friday.  

I hope my system is busy building up resistance to this year's new strain of germs. 

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  1. Take some Nyquil to ensure the sleep in! :) I cracked up at the sneezing into the microphone thing because I have totally been there.

    Enjoy your well deserved weekend!