Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Week Notice

The students at my school are lucky.  They have the most fabulous Spanish teacher in the world!  Just ask them; they'll tell you.   I always try out my Spanish speaking skills, learned forgotten from way back in high school, as I drop my kids off and pick them up.  She always smiles and nods as I crudely pronounce and mispronounce words and expressions!

"Muy caliente!" I proclaimed to her one day as I motioned out the window last June and fanned my face.   She giggled.

And then she explained that it's best to say, "Hace calor" as "muy caliente" is translated more as "I'm hot".  As in a hot chick, type way.  I giggled back at yet another epic fail in my attempt at bilingualism.  

Our Spanish teacher always has a bright smile on her face.  Even though she teaches over four hundred and fifty students every week, she glides through the hallways cheerfully. Occasionally, she has to give her room up for meetings and then she takes to her cart and wheels around the school, colorful paper flowers and fun games precariously hanging off the cart.  

Two weeks ago, as I picked up my little ones from Spanish, the Spanish teacher walked with me as she often does down the hallway, chatting and catching up.   She told me that she was moving to New York and would be leaving in two weeks.  She had the brightest smile on her face.  She beamed ear to ear. I joined in, and although all I could think of was how much I would miss seeing her, I smiled back.  

"That's fantastic news!" I said, congratulating her.  "But I sure will miss you."  I made a sad face.  

With that, I led the twenty-four little boys and girls back to class, silently thinking of how happy I was for her and her upcoming adventures. 

[flash forward two weeks]

"Why did Senora leave?"  one of my little ones asked, yanking on my arm as we headed to Spanish.  

"Well, I think it was time for a change," I told her, smiling down at her head of curls, trying to cheer her.  "Things change.  People change.  Life changes..."  I trailed off, lost in my own thoughts for a few moments.    The little one looked confused at my ramblings and struck up a conversation with a more interesting friend in line about recess. 

"We're gonna get a MAN Spanish teacher," one of my boys exclaimed as we neared the Spanish room.  

"Oh, no you're not!"  I said.  "You're gonna get a señor!"    

They chuckled as they headed off into the Spanish room.  I have no information as to the new spanish teacher, señor or señora, and wondered for a moment where he had obtained his news. 

As I walked back to class, I thought of our wonderful Spanish teacher.  I envied her for getting the chance to move somewhere new and decide what she wants to do next. I loved hearing her stories of summer travels, and attempting to speak Spanish with her. I admired her stylish outfits and her sense of humor. I looked forward to seeing her when I dropped my kids off and picked them up two times a week.  Even though we work in the same school, many days, that was the only time I got to chat with her and see her. 

So, dear Spanish teacher, I know I speak for all of us when I say that we will miss you very much at Way.  After fifteen years of working side-by-side, It just won't be the same without you.  We wish you nothing but good times.

Adios.  Estamos en contacto. 


  1. Yes, Senora, you will be sorely missed...your bright smile and fashionable couture are already cherished memories. The students love you, the staff love you, and whomever attempts to take your position will (no matter how great) miss the mark! Best of luck to you in your new ventures...cannot wait to take a trip east and catch up!
    Dianne, you are so good at capturing the essence of it all!

  2. Well done, Dianne! Madeline

  3. Too true... I'm SO excited for her... and at the same time, it's going to be a rude awakening for us. Can't wait to read updates about exciting adventures on facebook, Senora!

  4. Oh my! Next time I see you I am giving you un ABRAZO grande for this, Dianne! ;) Thank you so much, you're so nice. I definitely miss you guys (not so much the madness!). I'm absolutely expecting some visits in NY from you guys. Take a little break and come out, you will LOVE it! Everyone is welcome at anytime. Call me when you get to NYC on your book tour, talented lady. xoxo ~Lisa