Monday, March 11, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dear Rainy Day,                                               

Why did you have to come on a Monday, of all days?  Don't you know Mondays are my day with the entire afternoon without specials?   Don't you realize that I have loads to carry in on Monday mornings and I had to figure out how to do that while attempting to balance an umbrella?  You teased us with warmer temperatures over the weekend and then rained on our parade. 

For a while, I thought you would hold off and allow some time outside to run and play.  But, alas, that didn't happen and instead, there was a room full of rowdy, antsy, energetic little ones surrounding me as I made my way out the door for a few minutes to escape during IDR.   

Your clouds blocked the sun from our classroom windows and even our little solar powered monkey wasn't dancing.  Not enough light in the room.  My class looked longingly out the window all morning, hoping that the sun would come out, so that they could go out. But we didn't go out.  Thanks a lot, rain. 

We heard you rain, pounding down on the vents, and knocking against the window, only reminding us of the missed play time and fun to be had outside.  We watched the puddles accumulate around the slide and the tether ball court outside our window.  

We are aware that we need you for our spring flowers to grow and our plants and trees to drink.  But, just for the record, can you please come again another day? 

Like one in July or August.


Room 24

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