Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blogger Apprentice

OK, so I know I posted that I was going to take a "spring break" from my blog, but I couldn't wait to share some exciting and positive news!  Months ago a friend at school put me in touch with one of her friends who is a former teacher turned children's author.  She thought her friend could help with blog advice, as well as increase my blogging audience and connections.  We emailed back and forth some introductions and, long story short, she asked me to be a guest blogger on her site!  I was excited, nervous, and a little anxious as I have never blogged on other sites.  

If you are not familiar with Maria Dismondy, she is an award winning author who writes wonderful stories to help kids learn about self-esteem, social skills, and respect.  Make sure and check out her website:  Maria Dismondy  

My class and I love her books, especially Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun.  We read it several times during the year when situations come up and they need to be reminded of doing the right thing.  It's frequently "in use" in my room during IDR time also, when students choose it to read and reread throughout the year. 

Thank you so much, Maria, for giving me the opportunity to try something new and guest blog.  I look forward to having you guest blog on my site soon!  

Read My Guest Blog on Maria's Site

Now I know I'm no blogging superstar.  But I haven't been kicked off the island yet. 

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