Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pumpkin or Apple?

It's been so wonderful the past four days being on a break from school.  It's not that I don't like school; quite the contrary.  However, I do enjoy a longer break than a weekend every now and then.  It helps reenergize me.  I can take a few steps back and not have school, teaching, and planning on my mind constantly.  

This Thanksgiving, for the fifth year, we hosted my husband's children and their families for the weekend.  It's great to have a houseful of young children to share in the holiday.  This Thanksgiving, for the first year, my daughter flew home from Chicago and her first real job, started in September.  It's great to have her around for a few days as I don't get to see her regularly anymore.  This Thanksgiving, I applied my positivity and really worried less and enjoyed more.  It's great.   My daughter and I actually braved "Black Friday" and had fun, even when waiting in line to just get inside a store.  In years past, if I even ventured out to shop the day after Thanksgiving, I would be grumbling and complaining and highly annoyed.  This year, I actually could feel the difference.  Of course I might just be feeling a bit more positive because my daughter bought me two early Christmas presents and I treated myself to a new coat! 

So, as the hours seem to fly by and Monday morning is just around the corner, I'm going to take advantage of this precious time and enjoy it fully.  As we say our good-byes to family and I drop off my daughter at the airport to fly back to her new 'home' I'm going to remind myself how lucky I am.  

And for now, I'm going to especially relish in the fact that the most difficult decision I have to make for now is do I want pumpkin pie or apple?  Hmmmm.... I'm thinking I want a piece of them both.

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