Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pass the Mashed Potatoes

My Poem of Thanks

I'm thankful for colored pencils, and crayons, and such,
Not markers cuz I don't let the kids use them much.

I'm thankful for pencils freshly sharpened and new,
But not tooth marks on pencils that some students chew.

I'm thankful for Spanish, and music, and art,
But not when Senora has to come teach on her cart.

I'm thankful for gym and computer lab days,
But not all the recent hours of test filled haze.

I'm thankful for quiet and I'm thankful for noise,
But I don't like kids playing in their desk with toys.

I'm thankful for thinking and sharing and such,
But "shouter-outers" I don't care for much.

I'm thankful for hand made notes from a child,
But not when before vacations, they get a bit wild.

I'm thankful for field trips and being outside,
But I really don't enjoy those noisy  bus rides.

I'm thankful for support to let my creativity flow,
But I've had more 'bombs' than most will ever know.

I'm thankful for PTO and parents and others,
But I sometimes feel like I'm less teacher, more mother.

I'm thankful for snow days, they're always a treat,
But hate not being able to get down my street.

I'm thankful for clean desks and keeping things neat,
But I'm not a big fan when my room overheats.

I'm thankful for teacher friends I have in the hall,
But don't like getting interrupted by a student's call.

I'm thankful for positivity and my new "improved" mood,
But I'm worried that I still might get an attitude.

I'm thankful for recess and fire drills for a break,
But the paperwork is sometimes just too much to take.

I'm thankful for my job and the joy that it brings,
For it makes me so happy and lets my heart sing.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Remember to stay positive and enjoy the moment.  

And pass the mashed potatoes please.  


  1. reminds me of your year-end poem you do for each you still do it?

  2. Yes, I still do it every year! The students love it... a great way to end the year.

    1. write poetry too???? So glad you spend so much time with me - perhaps some of your giftedness will rub off on me!
      Have a great holiday and a much deserved break!