Monday, November 26, 2012

A Numbers Game

If you Google the word "positivity" you'll find in the neighborhood of 23,000,000 hits.  That's a lot of positivity, if you ask me.   As you can probably guess, the most hits were for dictionary type sites and Wikipedia.  I spotted a couple positivity blogs and eagerly clicked on them to see what they might have that my blog does not have (yet).  Not impressed with what I found there and naturally curious, I googled "positivity blogs" and found there are over 13,000,000!  Much to my dismay, after clicking through several pages looking for my blog, I realized that I'm not quite in that higher level of blogging to be in the top sites.  (sigh)

But, keeping on the positive side, I did read a couple of interesting articles about positivity, including one on the Psychology Today site which is worth the read.  You can find it here:

What Good Is Positivity?

I've added the book from above article to my "To Read" list, which admittedly, often doesn't occur until the summer months.  Something to look forward to.

Next I clicked over to Facebook, one of my personal top ten time wasting sites and where I've lately been sucked in by the popular "Words With Friends" game.  It's hard to tell how many sites have the word "positive" in them or related to them, because, well, because it's Facebook.  I checked a couple of what I thought were the more interesting ones out and even 'liked' one or two.  Most seemed to be more of the "Rah Rah" everything is wonderful kind of blog, which isn't something that interests me.  Although I've committed to the positive perspective, I certainly have no plans to go overboard with the whole thing.

Of course, I next went over to Twitter, which I am still trying to figure out how/why to use.  I searched for "positive" and when I saw the first result was one of Justin Bieber's tweets, I couldn't click out of the page fast enough!

Back for some numbers at my own blog and here's what I saw:

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States      2239
Russia                   18
Germany                11
France                   10
Sweden                 10
United Kingdom       7
Canada                   1
Dominican Republic 1
Spain                     1
Croatia                   1

OK, so maybe I'm not in the top Google searches for positivity, or blogging.   But, hey, I think getting hits from nine other countries is pretty cool.  And, Croatia?  I love that.

In other numbers news,  I have 40 posts (and that's a lot of time writing, let me tell you) and 98 comments, which are all positive.   I've been blogging roughly 98 days (well, o.k. not blogging all those days but the blog has been "alive" for about 98 days).

In case you didn't notice, I used the word positive eleven times in this blog -- a new blog record for me!

So, happy Monday!  Here's to many more blogs to come and many more visitors and comments!


  1. Blog on my lend insight and perspective to my every day experience! Great job...only wish I were in Ireland to be able to tell you thisQ

  2. That is SO COOL! How do they find out about it, I wonder? That is just so amazing to think how far and wide one person can spread their ideas these days.

  3. That's amazing and impressive, Dianne! I really enjoy reading and reflecting on what you have been writing and I daresay it is reminding me to change my outlook, too. Thank you!