Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Breaking Bad

It happens so quickly.  One minute you are on a rigid schedule and in constant motion, planning, teaching, helping, collaborating, copying, talking, reading, etc. and the next you are sleeping in until 7:30 (and, yes, that's sleeping in for me), planting flowers mid-morning, taking walks, making sun tea, and eating lunch whenever you want.  Just like that.  Summer happens.  No more school bells ringing, or meetings, or bunches of kids calling your name every second of the day.  

There is no denying that the last day of school is somewhat bittersweet.   For kids it can be a difficult day because the routine they've established and the teacher that they have spent hundreds of hours with is going to be gone from their daily routine.  For teachers it's a difficult day, because, well because, they are trying to contain excited, anxious, emotional kids.  It's sweet for both students and teachers because they have days of sunny freedom stretched before them.   

Every day last week, I had students weepy and, yes, even out and out crying because school was coming to an end.   We've worked hard for ten months to create our classroom of learning and it is pretty sad to know that it will be dissolved in an instant.  Former students, and parents of former students stopped by my room to thank me and wish me a great summer.

It's been two days since we went on summer break.  The weather has been perfect.  I've started reading books for pleasure again.  I've called friends to set up lunch/dinner dates that I haven't seen since September.  Travel plans are in motion.  I'm already feeling rested and renewed.  It's a wonderful feeling to not have to think about school for weeks at a time; it's so all-encompassing during the year.  

My blog will be on summer break also. I learned a lot this past school year.  I learned that I can be a blogger and I successfully published 177 blogs. I learned that being positive can truly make a difference.  I made a few new BFFs at school this year!  :)  Best of all, I know that next year will be even better than this one, because I have the power to make that happen.

Thank you everyone for reading the blog this year.  I was always so excited to see people from all around the U.S. and the world reading my posts.  I hope in some small way, I helped you feel more positive about your day.   I don't have definite plans to resume my blog in August, but I think I'm leaning towards another year of writing, as I know it contributed to my overall year of positivity.   

So, I'm going to go pour a glass of fresh brewed ice tea and grab my book and head out to the deck to enjoy the sun and the breeze.  Because I can do whatever I want.  

It's summer.


  1. I hope I'm one of your BFF's! Thank you for your wonderful blog and yes, MAYBE I'll write on your blog next year! Madeline

  2. Hope you're not reading this but instead, enjoying life to the fullest. Seize the day, Dianne. Loved reading your blog this year.