Thursday, June 11, 2015

How To Survive The Last Days

10.   Count down the days remaining in the school year.  Post the number on the board each morning in the brightest dry erase marker available and circle it.  Write clever FB posts for your teacher friends to decode.

 9.    Take down things from the walls one small section at a time while students are away in a special.   Challenge the students to tell you what was hanging there.

 8.   Play calming, classical music loudly in your classroom from the minute you arrive in the morning and don't pause it until all the students arrive and get settled.   Pretend you can't hear them because you are listening to the music.  

 7.  Up the size of your desperately needed morning Starbucks skinny vanilla latte to a venti.  Ponder adding another shot. 

 6.  Allow students to watch a movie at lunch even though it's not Friday Movie Day just so it's quieter.

 5.  Use your ultimate power of allowing an extra recess to bargain for better behavior throughout the day.   Act very serious. 

 4.  Spend any available time that used to be used for prepping, planning, copying, and collaborating with your team now talking and bringing no thoughts about teaching whatsoever to the table.  For once, talk about your family, your vacation plans and not talk about curriculum and kids. 

  3.  "Forget" to bring in to school, or out of your car when you get home, your large school bag that is essential on any other days except the final few.  At this point, you've got this.

  2.   Wonder how you possibly got through teaching 176 days, seven hours every day, with eight and nine year olds and are still standing.   And remarkably sane.  Or at least not too crazy that a few weeks of summer won't fix you right up.

  1.   Look around the room at the wonderful, unique, funny, happy, smart, little ones that you've grown to love, and realize you are really going to miss them.

But whatever you do, don't start to think about next year just quite yet.  Give yourself some lazy, sunny, fun-filled days to do whatever you want.  

You sure deserve it.

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