Friday, November 7, 2014

Why I Do What I Do

I am a teacher.  Some days that's an exciting blend of learning, excitement, and cooperation.  Some other days it's not even a blend.  It's more of a chaotic, upside down, roller coaster. Or maybe a mood swing.   Either way, it all seems to even out in the end and I like my job.  In fact, honestly, most days it doesn't feel like a 'job' because it truly is fun to be surrounded by little kids all day and work with people that you can also call friends.  

I am a teacher.  I spend seven hours a day interacting with kids - talking, coaxing, listening, pushing, correcting, disciplining, modeling, and laughing.  I spend another 2-3 hours every day organizing, correcting, copying, planning, collaborating, and reflecting.   On weekends, I dedicate several hours to prepare for the week ahead, or look for materials for upcoming units of study.  School is never far from my mind.

I am a teacher. I am constantly attending professional development to improve and learn more.  I read educational blogs and books to keep up with current research and best practices.  I spend every available moment at school talking with colleagues and comparing what works best and sharing ideas.   I am a student myself and invigorated by learning.  Not just the teacher, but a student also.

I am a teacher.  I get yelled at by parents.  I get defied by students.  I get stood up for conferences.  I get more work and less pay.  I get headaches.  I get impatient and I lose things.  I get anxious and stressed.  I get slammed in the media for the profession I love.  I have years of experience but I learn something new 

So, why do I do it, year after year?

For the smile from the shy girl that arrives every day and comes to tell me a story about her night.  For the hug from the boy who got assigned the animal he wanted for his research report.  For the knowing look across the hallway with a teacher who feels the same way I do and can communicate it to me with a look.  For the handmade card carefully drawn by a student.  For the many Almond Joy candy bars I received when the students found out that it's my favorite.  For the laughs when I mess up and show them it's ok to laugh at yourself.  For the students I had last year who stop by for a hug.  For the bouquets of dandelions.  For the little faces that peek in the windows at recess and wave.  For the genuine clapping from the students when I read them a picture book.  For the admiration in their eyes when I show them the cursive letter "z".  For the tears I can wipe away.  For the aches I can lessen.  For the fears I can stop. For the times I see a student help another student and be a friend. For the joy on their faces when I give them an extra recess.  For the "AHA" moment from the student that finally gets division.  For the twenty hands that go up whenever I say, "Can I get someone to help me with ______?"  For the pushing back they give me when I push them to do their best.  For the hours and hours and days and days that I get to spend with each and every one of them. 

I do it because I couldn't do anything else. I am a teacher.

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