Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Three Ring Circus

Some days, as a teacher, I feel more like I'm the ring master in a 3-ring circus.  Or maybe more like the clown following around the elephants scooping up poop.  We have had indoor recess for the last three months and there is an extreme case of cabin fever in my classroom.   Well, OK, maybe not really three months, but indoor recess is kind of calculated like human to dog years.  You multiply the number by seven.  Whatever the tally is at this point, it doesn't matter.  The fact is, the kids need to get outside. And this seems remote, since the polar vortex has once again gripped the area with cold. 

So, back to my circus. In one ring are the little jugglers performing.  This would be the little cuties who are tossing their pencils and Cheetos from their snack in the air while simultaneously spinning their ruler on the tip of a pencil.  It's a beautiful balance of rhythm and timing. I would take bets that you could give them some plates and sticks and they would be capable of flawlessly balancing them, all while practicing some cursive. 

Ring two is where you will find the acrobats.  These are the ones who can precariously balance their chair on two legs, sometimes even holding their arms out to balance.  They teeter on the chair legs creating excitement and glee for the spectators.  On the rare occasion that they actually fall from their seats, they rebound with the agility of an Olympic athletic and return to their act with barely a blink. 

The third ring of the circus are the clowns, performing their silly antics and shenanigans. Making goofy faces or replying to questions with funny puns or jokes.  The darling little clowns are never without a smile and help to keep the rest of us smiling along with them.  There are no sad clowns in my little circus.

And me?  I would be the ringmaster.  The organizer and coordinator of the many acts taking place in my classroom throughout our seven hour daily show.  I keep us on schedule, completing our performances, and practicing for upcoming acts. 

So, step right up folks and get your tickets to see the show.

Because the circus leaves town soon.

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  1. This is fantastic. I've found that it moves more towards this as the year goes on.