Monday, November 4, 2013

Still Looking

Would love some more guest bloggers this year.  How about it?   There must be some brave souls (teachers or otherwise) who would like to have a go at blogging.  It's easy. Just sit down and tell your story.

The pay isn't great but the feeling of accomplishment is unmatched.  

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  1. I wasn't sure how to make a post so "Post comment" was as close to figuring it out as I got...hope it was correct :)

    I certainly am starting to feel the stress of a school year in full swing and stumbled across this article for tips on relieving stress, which in turn will hopefully help me stay positive.

    Some of them are no brainers, heard 'em before, but there were a few new things to consider. Worth a quick read if you are feeling the "piles" (physical or mental) hehe stacking up around you like I do.

    **Happy thoughts**