Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Class

While perusing one of my favorite pastimes, Facebook, this morning, I came across this short, interesting video clip on the "Making Thinking Visible" page. 

 "An interesting study about building community and cultivating happiness in the classroom."

Shortly before the holiday break, I had my students participate and make "Smile Grams" and leave them secretly on the desks of students in another class.  (Smile Gram)
The students were very excited about making them and delivering them in an attempt to make others smile.  We had a discussion on ways to randomly make others happy and examples of being kind to others. 

In my class we have dubbed our random acts of kindness, CAKE, which means, Classroom Acts of Kindness Every month.   The students will be coming up with ideas and deciding on our next act in January -- watch for it on the blog! 

It's exciting to have six more months to practice positivity in the classroom and the school and watch for results. 

The full article mentioned in the clip can be found here: University of British Columbia 

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  1. ALTRUISM - the Ultimate Goal!!! This blog is altruistic by its very nature! are igniting the positivity flame which easily engulfs others, encouraging them to be more positive...coming back to you, creating more positivity. A wonderfully vicious circle :)